Announcement! YouTube Channel for Technical Production

Announcing the launch of the ARK-AV YouTube Channel for Technical Production

After much thought and brainstorming, I have decided to kick-start something new in 2019. I am extremely excited to announce that I am launching my very own YouTube Channel for Technical Production!

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I have been in the arts and entertainment industry for about 2 decades now. Over the years I have come across so many changes in the way we do things in theatre and performing arts. More importantly, my keen interest in the technologies and methods of Technical Production.

One thing that I've noticed is the lack of in-depth information or coverage about Technical Production topics online. Sure we have the annual trade shows and industry meetups every now and then. However, there isn't really an online resource that covers technical theatre or production related content.

Thus in this YouTube channel, I will be sharing my insight on what the arts and entertainment industry is like from the Technical Production perspective. There will be tips, tools and training relevant for anyone involved in Professional Audio Visual Lighting, Production Management and of course Technical Stage Crews.

And here's how you can get involved!

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Let me know in the comments below, what topics you would like me to cover in my YouTube channel. Share your thoughts and ideas with me, and as a community we can put together an online resource that can educate and impact the Audio Visual and Technical Production industry.

So that's all I have for you right now. I am really excited and looking forward to hear the ideas and suggestions from you guys. Keep the comments coming!

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Rafi Dean, signing out!

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